pl8app Token Use Case

During the creation of our Online Ordering and Time Slot Booking solution system, which originally was for UK based Takeaways and Hospitality industry, we have now developed and developing many other solutions for other industries. All of these industries have something in common, many are independent business owners, these rely on cash flow without delay and every penny counts where fees are concerned. There transactions are frequent, but of low value, so other tokens, coins and blockchains were not suitable. So we created pl8app Token.

Relatively Low Fees in Comparison to Traditional Gateways

Speaking to our business partners, one of the biggest points they said they would need is comparatively low fees compared to the traditional Payment Gateways (card transactions and online payments) available to them.

Low Fees Compared to other Cryptocurrencies

As the industries we are developing into have many low value transactions, the fees other cryptocurrencies would charge for transfer would outweigh the value of the transaction, we kept our fees low.

Fast Transaction Times

As the speed of the industries we cater for is fast service, we needed to use a blockchain which was equally as quick, so our pl8app token is a BEP20 token based within the Binance Smart Chain.

No Wait for Funds compared to traditional Payment Gateways

Our business partners often talked about delays their current traditional Payment Gateways took to transfer funds across, this was sometimes once per week, or could charge extra for faster transfers. With any independent business, cashflow is important, sometimes these delays in payments really do impact on a business efficiency.

Payment Gateway Built Into our pl8app solution

We have by default added (but optional to our clients needs) the pl8app Token Gateway to our pl8app Ordering and Time Slot Booking system solutions. This is basically ready to go after simply entering your wallet address(es)

Funds Straight to your Crypto Wallet

Unlike many other solutions, our pl8app Token allows funds to be sent directly to your Cryptocurrency Wallet (based on the Binance Smart Chain) we do not hold your payments within any of our systems.

1% Reflections to pl8app Token Holders

As part of the fee, 1% of every transaction goes to the existing holders of the pl8app Token, based on how many tokens they may be holding at that time. This has proved very favourable with the business partners whom decide to hold our pl8app Token within the blockchain wallet, whom now benefit from all other transactions.

Our own plugins made for Wordpress and Woocommerce

We have released and also developing other solutions in the form of Wordpress based plugins, these tools vary in function, some may be a simple currency conversion. Our main use is a plugin which adds pl8app Token (and any other custom BEP20 token) as a cryptocurrency Payment Gateway upon the Woocommerce platform.

Originally Made for Takeaways

We saw both the fees which payment gateways charge and also the fees some solution providers use to process payments. We decided we needed a solution which could compete with these fees, also benefit loyal business partners.

Has a case of use before it was launched

Our pl8app token already had a use case at the time of minting, there is an integration with our online ordering and time booking slot solution as a payment gateway for those which chose to use it.

Based on the Binance Smart Chain

Our pl8app token was built on the Binance Smart Chain, this can easily be traded using Binance Smart Wallet / Meta-Mask / Trust Wallet

The Fees For Trading

We understand when running a small business ( most of our Business Partners are small independent, even family run businesses) every penny counts, which is why we created fees for the pl8app token which is both fair for our business partners and their customers.

2% Total Fee

2 % Total fee for trading the pl8app token. This is split into two sections listed below. We find 2% very comparative to major payment gateways.

1 % To Existing Holders

1 % of the total fee for trading is distributed to our existing holders, this is based on how many pl8app tokens they hold already and proportionate to this.

1 % To Automatic Liquidity

1% of the trading fee is sent to automatic liquidity based on the Pancake Swap Exchange. This helps provide a price floor for the pl8app token and helps to stop hard price crashes.

How to trade pl8app Token

We are sure you know how to trade using Pancake Swap / already, but if you don't here is the instructions below.

Your Firstly Need A Cryptocurrency Wallet

To trade our pl8app token, or many other tokens and coins, you will first need a wallet, we suggest any of the following three Binance Smart Wallet / Meta-Mask / Trust Wallet . These wallets are your security, they are either plugins based on your web browser or mobile phone application. When setting up these make sure to remember your seed phrase, and NEVER reveal this to anyone. We will never ask for your seed phrase

You will also need BNB token to trade on Pancake Swap /

As our pl8app token is based on the Binance Smart Chain, you will firstly need to acquire the BNB token, this provides the gas for the system to work and the trading pair to trade for pl8app token on Pancake Swap or

Perform the Exchange on Pancake Swap

Once you have acquired sufficient BNB token and have transferred it to your wallet, simply head over to the link at the right hand side of this page, which has two arrows, this will PancakeSwap for you Then simply decide how many BNB you want to swap, then confirm the trade within your wallet. You may need to increase the slippage amount to no more than 12%

Liquidity Locks

We use liquidity locks to provide that extra level of confidence to our token users to show that we are invested in our token project for the long term. This makes sure that we cannot simply pull the rug on our liquidity.

Liquidity Lock 1

Liquidity Lock 1 was completed on 19th September 2021 for 48 Months (4 Years) which will be unlocked on 19th September 2025 Check the link for the transaction in

Established in 2013

The first time "pl8app" was used as a brand was way back in 2013, many years on, our brand still remains strong in our field. We wanted to include a creative way to display to link to your plate, whilst providing a modern app.

Our First Application

Our first Application was Android based, it compromised of photo plate taking and a simple food review system, combined with social media integration. It was quite primitive by today's standards, however it provided the spark to continue to develop our business.

Our Owners

Our owners here at pl8app have many years experience owning and working in the fields of Hospitality, Food Retail and Food Manufacture. We understand the needs of our business partners as have been working in the same field. We test every feature of our solution prior to releasing it to our business customers.

Our Launch

We launched our pl8app token on 3rd Of June 2021, we did not have an ICO however we did have a fair launch. There was 2 exceptions to this, each had 3% of the total tokens on launch. One is a Development Fund the other is a Charity Account. These details are listed below.

Charity Fund

Our Charity fund has wallet address 0x90b1def342fe26a28710227de6185257f225a696 . This was set up to provide financial donation by means of FIAT or our pl8app token , depending on the charities facilities. Our plan is to donate once the token amount is over the 3% enough to make a decent donation. We will never donate so this % goes under the 3% we set it off. So essentially top slicing. We initially hope to donate to food based charities (such as food banks and community projects) within the countries our business solution operates.

Our pl8app Token Development Fund

This fund will be used to provide developers with funds to develop our pl8app token and its infrastructure further. This will also be used to prove value to exchanges and price comparisons once we have grown enough to do this. This fund helps to pay for features and tools (Check out our Plugins and Tools section) many of these we provide to you for no charge.

Additional pl8app Token Features

Check all our additional features below which help support your business

pl8app token Contract Renounced

To prove our commitment to the business partners we support, we renounced our pl8app token contract, which means we have no means of minting more or changing the features upon it now it is established

Liquidity Locks

Your confidence in us is paramount, which is why we have utilised Teams by TrustSwap to lock phases of our liquidity for respective 4 year periods.

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