pl8app – Custom BEP20 Cryptocurrency Token Price Widget

This is a simple WP plugin developed by ourselves using API from Coingecko and PancakeSwap . Any pricing differences will be based on the exchanges used as we take our price only from PancakeSwap, however this should provide a relatively accurate price for coins which are not listed on the regular exchanges.

We provide this plugin for free under the following licenses

  • “GPLv2 or later.”

The front end will display the time the price was taken at (server time), how many units of what particular currency you want to convert, the currency to convert, then how many tokens of the selected type, the token name and the token logo.

The backend within WP admin allows users to add any custom BEP20 token based on contract address only, you will also have the opportunity to add a logo file for that cryptocurrency on the back end.

Shortcode – [token_widget] will display this widget on the front end of your WP pages.